Namibia, the empty country


Namibia is an astonishing country, 1,2 time bigger than France, it only counts 2,100,000 inhabitants !

So basically most of the territory is composed of deserts, wildlife and amazing landscapes. For the first time since the beginning of the project we faced the obligation to rent a car in order to visit the country. Indeed the buses network is not enough developped to cross the distances separating the rare Namibian « cities ».





Here between deserts, traditional villages and vestiges of old Bushmen civilization we found our way up to the micro garage of Harold who repairs damaged tyres along the road between Kamajab and Palmwag.


After that we had the chance to make an interview with Bennie Roman who created the Torra conservancy in order to protect wildlife and to help its local community to go out from poverty thanks to tourism.


And finally we spoke to Elie Kaunatje who belongs to Erero tribe and who makes here living selling traditionnal Erero dolls along the road.




The beautiful country of Namibia is trying to find its own way between traditions and tourism in order to protect its incredible wildlife and to feed its own people.


Back to the capital Windhoek, we plan to stay here 2 or 3 days before reaching Botswana.